Creating Worlds


Name: Delta Yoshiro

Species: Fox-Giraffe-Wolf-Cat... animal? Uh, I guess I'll just set it to a fox, honestly.
Age: 14~16
Info: Enjoys art in all means, practically. Of the things we could list includes: Stories, drawings, music, games, theatre, dance, lore, etc. (He'snot very good at writing, though).


Name: Ren
Species: Yellow-White cat
Age: 13~16
Info: Also enjoys art by many means. Kind of a goth girl with feelings. Her art is amazing. Commissioner.


Name: Zero
Species: Lion or another fox or whatever. Maybe a fox would make more sense, since he's Delta's brother. Oh well, It's settled.
Age: 18~22
Info: Used to loaf around constantly. He's the type of person who hides a lot of stuff and... Let's just say he's mysterious. He also enjoys art, but he's still getting used to it, having stopped for a few years as an hiatus. Has experience with writing.


Name: Apostrophe-Fox ('Fox)
Species: Fox. We don't know his name. He is a fox because we call him a fox.
Age: ???
Info: Enjoys art and also some unusual stuff. Although he looks pretty young, he has access to content out of his range/league. He likes to create songs and some other things. He is a mysterious guy that makes a lot of references to creepy stuff. Honestly? My long-time-no-see friend but... He's changed. I can't say much of what I know about him anymore.